Seychelles Wine and Spirit Retailer / Wholesaler


A small family business specialising in wines and spirits. We are situated in the middle of Victoria (Seychelles) in Premier Building. Our forte is French wines from a well known wine exporter in France, Le Grand Chais de France (France’s No. 1 exporter).

We pride ourselves in providing a huge range of French wines from all the major wine growing regions of France – i.e. Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Provence, Rhone Valley, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, etc. We can actually supply any French wine, as long as we are given at least 1 week to do so.

We also import a certain amount of European and New World wines, including wines from Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Chile and California.

However we are not solely involved in the retail market, we also offer our products wholesale to retailers, hotels and Restaurants. We can deliver door to door for orders on excess of 1 case if given 24 hours notice.