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Chardonnay is popular worldwide and is the basis for some of the world’s finest white wine. Depending on the location and the winemaker’s decisions, this impressionable grape provides a range of taste possibilities that contribute to its wide appeal. Chardonnay can be heavy and rich, light and crisp, very dry and steely, or semi-sweet and fruity.

One of the few grapes with a descriptive name, Gewürztraminer translates literally to “spicy grape.” These wines are famous for their exotic aromatics and flavours.

This white grape is one of the oldest known varieties. It is used in the production of Italy’s sparkling Asti, as well as in the fortified dessert wines of France. It tastes of grapes, musk, perfume, roses, lychee, guava, raisins and mango.

When made in Italy or in the Italian style, this grape is labeled Pinot Grigio. Otherwise Pinot Gris, the original French name, is used. Oregon produces high-quality Pinot Gris that is reminiscent of those from Alsace, France.

An important variety in France, Sauvignon Blanc is a grape whose herbaceous flavours (hay, cut grass and asparagus) are instantly recognisable. These wines are dry, light- to medium-bodied, and highly acidic.