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Cape Spring Pinotage 0.75L

The grapes for this wine are harvested at full maturity, fermentation takes place from 6 to 12 days with a controlled temperature. The wine is quickly filtered to protect the entire aroma and flavor range. Additionally kept in oak barrels. The soil is sandstone. Pinotage is an amazing grape variety. Firstly, it is a grape hybrid, crossed from the exquisite, aristocratic Pinot Noir varieties and the hardy, strong Senso. Its creator, scientist Abraham Isaac Perold, initially set himself the task of creating a variety that would have a depth of taste, velvety and at the same time vitality, able to survive in the harsh African expanses. But the strain turned out to be not as docile as expected. More finicky than Senso and not as aristocratic as Pinot Noir, the scientist who worked on this variety took a long time to give the wine good manners. The first harvest was harvested in 1925, but decent results were achieved only in 1941. Already in 1959, the variety won at the main wine exhibition of the country. Then the "Pinotage boom" began, for several years almost all winemakers tried their hand with this variety. It was then, during mass production, that the main disadvantage of this wine was revealed, being full-bodied, with a good structure, at the same time velvety-fruity and powerful, with a wide range of tastes from black berries to cocoa and coffee, from honey to spices, the wine had an unpleasant acetone tone in aroma. After a meteoric rise and fame, a crushing fall... Having suffered with this variety, most winemakers disowned it. Only 2% of the landings remain. Few winemakers remain committed to Pinotage, constantly experimenting and researching it and, as it turns out, for good reason. During fermentation at a controlled, not high temperature, as well as additional aging in an oak barrel, the acetone note disappears, and the oak, moreover, gives additional piquant tones. Already in 1991, Pinotage won gold at the prestigious International Wine & Spirits Competition. Despite the fact that Pinotage takes only 15% of all plantings, the variety is still the hallmark of South African winemaking.
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